Ea MUSIC PLAYER TRACK 4 CANDYMAN 187 “HIGH OFF THE FAME” Feat. SNOOP DOGG by CANDYMAN 187 (single) Click CD covers below for buy links to selected player music at

MUSIC PLAYER TRK 1 BOBBY BROWN “DON’T LET ME DIE” From the album “THE MASTERPIECE” MUSIC PLAYER TRK 2 SARDAR “PARTY LIFE” (SINGLE) MUSIC PLAYER TRACK 3 THE LOST BOYS “I’M NOT POPULAR” MUSIC PLAYER TRACK 8  “CLOUD 9” From the album RUNNING RED LIGHTS ©2013 Skip Saylor Recording Co, Inc. Video info 1. EPK of the making of “SOUND THE ALARM”, the new album by BOOKER T (06/25/2013 release date). The soulful Blues song "Your Love Is No Love" feat. Vintage Trouble was recorded by Skip Saylor and his assistant Lester Mendoza at our studio. You can hear a 30 second clip of this song from 1:20-1:50 in the EPK. Another track recorded at the studio and appearing on the album is “Father Son Blues” feat. Ted Jones. 2. Video for “DON’T LET ME DIE”, the first single off the 2012 BOBBY BROWN album “THE MASTERPIECE”. This is Bobby’s first full length solo release in 14 years.  This song was mixed here at the studio by Skip Saylor and Ian Blanch, as was the majority of the album.  Skip and Ian also recorded additional guitar tracks for many of the tracks on “The Masterpiece” which were played by Rod Castro. 3. Video for the CANDYMAN 187 single “HIGH OFF THE FAME (Feat. SNOOP DOGG), which was co-produced by Skip Saylor & Soul Mechanix, mixed by Skip Saylor & Ian Blanch.  4. "WE BELONG" performed by LYNN CAREY SAYLOR and featuring QUEEN'S BRIAN MAY & ERIC LOWEN.  Eric, who is seen throughout singing with Lynn, sadly passed away of conplications from ALS in March 2012.  He is the co-writer of “We Belong” along with his longtime musical partner, Dan Navarro, who also appears in the video singing background vocals with Eric and Brian May. This song was produced by Skip Saylor and is from Lynn's full length album "YOU LIKE IT CLEAN” available digitally @ iTunes and also physical CD’s @ http://Lynnsmusic.com 5. An entertaining in-studio INTERVIEW with SKIP SAYLOR & SPACIFIX, which aired throughout ALL of New Zealand on July 24, 2006 on the TV program "Close Up"!  Skip Saylor produced the Spacifix album "Much Love" which was critically acclaimed at the Pacific Music Awards the year of its release, winning Album of the Year. 6. This is a video for the song “OLD SKOOL” which is a track from the SPACIFIX album “MUCH LOVE”, produced by Skip Saylor. 7. BRANDON JAMES makes his country debut splash with this "fun in the sun" inspired video filmed at the world famous Santa Monica pier and beach. His first country single, "DOWN IN THE SAND (WITH ME)" and 2012 debut EP it appeared on was produced by Skip Saylor. 8. This is a promo video for artist D&D (Dominique & Darius) for their Michael Jackson tribute mixed at our studio called “MICHAEL IN ME”.  The beginning of this video has some shots of Skip and his studio. VIDEOS  MUSIC MUSIC PLAYER TRK 6 LYNN CAREY SAYLOR “WE BELONG” Feat. BRIAN MAY & ERIC LOWEN From the album “YOU LIKE IT CLEAN”